Smart executors  and  administrators  work  with certified probate real estate  specialists because  we can  provide solutions and help you through the process of probate you may already be compounding your stress level in this long and lengthy process.

IF this is the first and only time you will be involved in probate, THEN what are you planning to do?

  • Complete and inventory all possessions
  • Determine what bills, taxes and debt must be paid.
  • Maintaining the property while it is in probate
  • Selling the Real Estate and Personal Property.
Being an active Realtor who subscribes to a Code of Ethics, providing accurate information on properties and protecting the public, I have been listing and selling residential and commercial properties in excess of two decades.

We know your Probate responsibilities and we continue providing value and, more importantly to you, offer solutions to your most pressing issues at hand.

The 5 Most Important Steps a Personal Representative

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